Importance Of Detective Services

“It is our business to expose the HIDDEN truth”

The quote above projects the true meaning & purpose of a detective.

Yes, the detective services are the need of the hour today, in our everyday lives, to clear our doubts about our personal and professional alliances, to ensure we are meeting the right people, to ensure details about our friends, family members, employees and so many more.

Detectives have been there in India for decades now and have been playing pivotal role in clearing doubts and revealing the actual truth, for so many people across the country. The truth thus revealed would have remained untouched otherwise, leading people to lead a false life full of misery. The truth, which only a detective, using special tactics, could have revealed.


Yes indeed, the police are always there and will do the assignments for free. However under various circumstances, they just cannot be considered as an option at all. Considering cases of pre-marital verifications, extra marital affairs, employee verifications, brand protection, family issues, business issues involving a partner or a member of staff… the police never interferes in these matters. Moreover, as per the legal guidelines, no matter how immoral an extramarital affair may be, it is not illegal in India.

You may suspect your business partner for cheating you and would want to verify; a member of staff may be leaking out crucial information to your competitors and you may want to have it checked; a friend may be backstabbing you and you may want to clear your doubt; you may be hiring a new employee and would want to authenticate his credentials… and so on.

There are countless situations in everyday personal & professional lives, where police may not be the right option. A detective on the other hand rightfully serves the purpose and can come across as the actual turning point for change of events which may lead us to unearthing the real truth.

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