1. How much does an investigation assignment cost?

The pricing is done keeping in mind various factors. These include the scope & sensitivity of the case,
the subject's involved, the extent of risk element, the services being used, the location where the
assignment is to be executed etc.
The charges vary from case to case, depending on the nature of the task assigned. It is strongly
ensured to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.

2. Will we get the desired result?

Detectives are thorough professionals at work and trust is the catalyst between us and our clients.
The trust only gets further cemented when a client approaches a Detective Agency to avail the
Execution of every assignment is strongly backed by intense, intricate planning for every stage.
A detective (also referred to as a Sleuth) operates with a highly organized, tactical & focused
approach to ensure achieving the desired result.
In short, the desired results are guaranteed once you hire a top professional private detective agency.

3. Will the confidentiality be maintained?

All Detective Agencies religiously follow a basic Confidentiality Code of Ethic – "If a detective cannot
keep secrets, he cannot be termed as a detective".
In short – Your secrets are your property… and are absolutely safe with us.

4. How much time is required to solve a case?

This depends entirely on the nature and scope of the assignment. The time-line is decided after
understanding the entire case and analysing the complexity of the requirements. Location of the
case and the methods to be used also contribute to deciding the time-line.
On the whole, it is strongly ensured to conclude the assignment within realistic time-frame.

Remember – Top detectives always work swift & fast.

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