Also called Risk Reduction, Risk Mitigation is the process of developing effective measures to either reduce or eliminate risks arising or may arise in a business.

Risk Mitigation is used in situations where it is absolutely impossible to avoid a risk, disaster or a threat to a business. In such situations, instead of avoiding the risks, mitigation focuses on the aftermath of an adverse happening. A Private Detective Agency in India usually undergo process involves outlining the steps to be taken (before the occurrence) to reduce the negative impact on a long term level.

There are several investigation services in India that possess the right kind of professional expertise in conducting Risk Mitigation for different kinds of business houses.


There are 4 types of Risk Mitigation Strategies which are unique to a disaster recovery:

  • Risk Acceptance

The strategy emphasises on acknowledging the presence of a particular risk and to accept it rather than making efforts to control it – something which would make things even more difficult and increase the costs as well. A professional Detective Agency in India can do such needful work for you effectively.

  • Risk Avoidance

This strategy is in complete contrast to the strategy of Risk Acceptance.

Risk avoidance emphasises on taking steps to reduce or eliminate a particular risk

  • Risk Limitation

This strategy is a combination of Risk Acceptance and Risk Avoidance. The process emphasises on limiting a company’s exposure to risk by taking some suitable action. The strategy requires outlining measures to reduce the negative impact of some known risks which may be unavoidable in nature.

  • Risk Transfer

The strategy refers to handing over the risks to a third party willing to take over the risk. This can be done through outsourcing of some services of a business to a third party service provider, the most suitable examples are customer service, third party debt collection etc.

Today various Business Investigation Agency in India, in addition to providing investigative services, are also involved in conducting Risk Mitigation for business houses of all sizes. Companies who wish to seek assistance on Risk Mitigation can get in touch with such Private Detective Agencies in Delhi as they, through their extensive experience, have a broader outlook and options which can drastically reduce the impact of risks both, avoidable and unavoidable in nature.

Frequent Asked Question's

Q. What is the career scope of Investigation industry in India?

There have been noteworthy changes in the Indian society lately, with regards to work culture, lifestyle, living habits, thought process of the individuals which have generated both positive and negative grounds on personal and professional fronts. To top it all, media has played as a powerful catalyst in lifestyle habits and developments.

These changes have also brought an increase in the need for detective services and the prospects are expected to grow further in the near future.

Owing to such developments, the scope of investigation industry is bound to grow further. Therefore, anyone looking to build a career can be assured of a long term, exciting and adventurous and knowledgeable journey.

Q. Why should one opt for a Private Detective?

“Every problem has a solution and for every problem, we need the most suitable solution finder”.

There are various issues our lives, which can be best, handled by a Private Detective only – these may include:

  • Cheating spouse – Infidelity issues
  • Pre-post matrimonial issues
  • Employee verifications
  • Undercover operations on professional/personal fronts
  • Confirming doubts on employees with regards to kickbacks, leaking company information, etc.
  • Intellectual Property Rights – trademark/copyright/patent infringement
  • Insurance frauds
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