About Hatfield Investigation Services

Hatfield Investigation Services (P) Limited is a renowned firm which was set up to provide the finest investigation services. This firm was developed in 1991 by Mr. Ajit Singh. Hatfield Investigation Services (P) Ltd.is established in Delhi and operates from here to manage all the corporate deals. The firm has embarked on a great status among its clients with its reliable & successful services.

Hatfield Investigation Services (P) Ltd. is spread not just in India but worldwide too. Mr Singh, with his exceptional approach and the effective experiments, has managed to make a big global network. At Hatfield Investigation Services (P) Ltd., the employees are trained to prioritize the satisfaction of the clients .The zest to dig out the truth is what makes us one of the best firm in India and globally. The team is made up of experts from the investigation field. We yearn to endow the clients with good results and great contentment.

Over the years, we have been one of the most competitive firms in India. We take part in everything that makes us the best. Since 1991, we have been emerging as a leading firm to offer the finest investigation services. Hatfield Investigation Services (P) Ltd. works to earn the trust of the clients and not just a required result.

Hatfield takes pride to investigate Just About Anything… Anywhere.

The investigator should have a robust faith… and yet, not believe easily!

Hatfield Investigation Services (P) Ltd. has been active in India since the last 27 years and has been doing the role of an investigator perfectly. We have solved 8000+ cases, both local and global.

How we work

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Our mission

  1. We are good listeners. Believing in the fact that in order to give out a good advice, the advisor should have the capability of listening to the client.
  2. We welcome ideas from our clients.
  3. We believe in honesty & fairness. To build a healthy bond with the clients, it is required to exchange trust and honesty.
  4. We yearn for perfection. According to us, perfection is only attained when we earn the satisfaction & contentment of our clients.
  5. Improvement is the key. Even after becoming one of the strongest & most reliable firms in India, we believe in time to time improvement and updating.
how can we help you?

If you have an issue that requires  investigation, you would  opt us for any type of investigation

Frequent Asked Question's

Q. How to become a Private Detective? 

To become a Private Detective, it is important to have the right frame of mind and temperament. Operating as a detective is a risky job, so one must have a clearly focussed, vigilant and well targeted approach to all assignments.

Above all, an operative should have patience, good IQ level, strong presence of mind and a positive attitude – the qualities form the backbone of a good detective.

Q. How can I apply for detective job?  

If anyone seeks to become a detective, he/she can apply for a job as a fresher at a detective agency in the city. However, in order to gather quality experience and training, make sure that the agency should be well established and of decent repute.

Most of the agencies welcome newbies to join the industry and provide on the job training on various domains. The candidates are exposed to different situations and groomed by experienced members of staff.

Looking for a leading investigation agency in India? Contact Us.

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