A man with a mysterious existence, wearing a hat, sunglasses, gloves and long coat with lifted collars, holding a lens& binoculars – this is generally the impression which comes to our minds when we use the word DETECTIVE.

A daringly exciting & challenging line of service this is. In layman’s terms, a Detective or Sleuth is a professional investigator, skilled in the tactful art of identifying the clues and generating evidence through close analysis of a scene of the crime. This leads to the establishment of facts that reveal the actual truth and finally… solving crimes.

Interestingly, a detective is also referred to as a Sleuth or Private Eye.

To become a detective in India, an individual can join a detective agency as a fresher where he is given on the job training – there are several agencies which also offer professional courses. If you wish to be working for the best detective agency in India or be counted amongst the best detectives in India, you have a lot to learn.

Additional traits, as mentioned below, are a MUST to become a top detective:

    Strong IQ Level

A person must possess a good IQ level both on and off the field. He must have the ability to read between the lines and generate inferences from interaction during an investigation.

    Strong Ability to Read People & Faces

“Expressions seldom lie – sometimes, the silence of a person speaks louder than his words!!”

A good detective must possess the ability to read people, especially the expressions on their faces when talking to them. Many times, our expressions do validate the words being spoken through our mouths. If you are working for good detective services in India, this skill is of utmost importance,

By looking at a person at a glance, the detective should be able to make out the nature and personality of an individual.

    A Sharp, Swift& Spontaneous Mind

“A sharp mind sees beyond the obvious… a spontaneous mind tackles the obvious”

It is important for a detective to have a sharp, swift and clear, focussed mindset.

A sharp mind enables intricate observation & analysis of a person/situation. Being spontaneous is an important attribute, required to handle sudden, unexpected turn of events. Investigation services in India often get tricky cases which require not only training but a sixth sense and some common sense to solve.

In addition to the above, a detective should have patience, tolerance & wisdom. He should be manipulative, tactful and have the ability to take quick on the spot decisions. Being creative and imaginative are further add-ons, which can enhance the attributes of a detective.

There are few international bodies which also provide professional training on how to become a detective.

The training is also imparted by detective agencies operating in an area.

A noteworthy point is that no formal education is required to become a detective, however, if one is a graduate in any stream, will only add on to his skills. You can apply for any Investigation agency in India. Age factor also does not matter as long as one can perform well for a given assignment.    

Some of the services offered by detectives include:

    Discreet enquiries

    Sting operations

    Undercover operations


and many more

Remember – “There is a Sherlock Holmes in every person, we just need to tap it to become THE sleuth we can be”.


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Frequent Asked Question's

Q. Why should one opt for a Private Detective?

“Every problem has a solution and for every problem, we need the most suitable solution finder”.

There are various issues our lives, which can be best, handled by a Private Detective only – these may include:

  • Cheating spouse – Infidelity issues
  • Pre-post matrimonial issues
  • Employee verifications
  • Undercover operations on professional/personal fronts
  • Confirming doubts on employees with regards to kickbacks, leaking company information, etc.
  • Intellectual Property Rights – trademark/copyright/patent infringement
  • Insurance frauds

Q. What should one keep in mind when hiring a Detective Agency?

The most important aspect required for opting for a detective is TRUST.

One can build on trust by shortlisting some of the well-established & reputed agencies operating in the city. Some online search may be required to gather information about the past performance, years of existence, reviews and testimonials, which can be of great help on choosing the detective agency most suited to an individual’s requirements.

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